Rig Counts

Area 1/8/10 1/15/10 1/22/10 1/29/10 A Year Ago
LA North 126 129 130 133 95
LA South 12 12 13 13 22
LA Inland 11 13 14 14 21
Gulf of Mexico 41 40 41 41 61

Why Rig Counts?

B&B Oilfield obtains rig count data from Baker Hughes who has issued rotary rig counts as a service to the petroleum industry since 1944.  The North American rig count is released weekly, at noon central, on the last day of the work week.  B&B Oilfield Services provides information on oil and drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico region and for the state of Louisiana both onshore and offshore as a service to our clients.

We use Baker Hughes Rig Counts as they are published by major newspapers and trade publications, are referred to frequently by journalists, economists, security analysts and government officials, and are included in many industry statistical reports.